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On Wednesday night (17th October), I was supposed to go back and study. However, plans had changed. The bus should have taken me to Oxford Circus. Unluckily, it didn’t go there and I got off the bus and waited for … Continue reading

Relationship:15 ways for…

One day,while I was reading the tweets of Wilma Flintstone, one of them seemed interesting to me. She highlighted 15 important points which were-of course-written for Fred and their long lasting relationship.

We all probably know those hints,but I really enjoyed observing the couples around me for understanding their level of awareness. I met with “The blond couple” at this period.I liked them a lot.

Actually, I had lost many points on the scoreboard of love. So, let’s look at the guideline to keep a relationship working:
1)Love each other
2)Don’t lie
3)Keep communication open
4)Stay sweet
5)When you get hurt just forgive and forget
6)Never talk about break-ups
7)Never say it’s okay even when it’s not
8)Forget about pride
9)If you say sorry mean it
10)Don’t compare your past with your present
11)Don’t talk about your stupid ex’s
12)Give and take process
13)Beware of his?her feelings
14)When you had a fight,don’t let the day pass
15)Don’t be the perfect one.Be the right one

It is a difficult task to complete and time is needed. Sometimes,I believe that it worths trying. Good luck!:)