Best breakfast ever!

Hello world! I haven’t been around for a couple of months. Now, I am back.
This summer, I chose to stay in Turkey as I planned to move to London in september for my masters degree. I rediscovered my city, Istanbul. I also visited some cities at the west and the north.
To start with, I ‘ll pick a small city which is located at the northern east side of Turkey, Rize.
The northern part of Turkey is called ‘Black Sea Region’. The thing which makes Rize important for me is that my family has its origins from there. Even if I was born and grew up in Istanbul, we never loose our connection with the city and traditions.
I like every single element about Black Sea Region such as the green that covers all, the tea that is collected by women, the sea itself by its refreshing salty smell and its people. But the vital thing for me is the food. Everything is organic and surprisingly delicious.
I had an amazing breakfast experience about which I still dream of at Zumrud-u Anka Hotel, Rize.
We went there as a ‘hungary troop’ formed by ten people-close friends and cousins. The point is that, we were two tables which had food more than enough for 10. For instance, my friend Jeune Turc had a moment of shock. But my sister Pocahantas and I made him try everything 🙂

After the classical breakfast dishes such as white cheese, jam, olives were served, the real show started. At first we had traditional turkish fondue which is called ‘muhlama’. It is made of cheese,butter and corn flour.

Then, we had scrambled egg with cheese. Here, I want to use a Barney Stinson quote: “It is gonna be legen– wait for it– dary!!”
We had turkish pitta 🙂 It was a pizza-like bread which we call ‘pide’. We had pide with cheese(‘peynirli pide’ in turkish) and pide with roasted meat (kavurmali pide).

They were all delicious! If you have a chance to come in Turkey and visit, know that may and september is the best times for Rize. And one more thing. If you love eating like I do, be sure that you’ll never regret! Bon appetit 🙂

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